Hacker Detected!

Howdy Hackers,

Love coding, caffeine & events (match made in heaven)? You think you are the best? Want to web enable small businesses all over the middle east to help them overcome growth challenges?

Storat's vision is to create a social ecommerce marketplace, where sellers and buyers are not locked inside and can communicate and transact freely on or off the market. Where the marketplace operator charges no margin, so sellers can provide their products and services at the lowest cost possible, while distinguishing themselves with a great brand, excellent customer service, and feedback.

Full Stack Developer

We're in search of someone who has lost his/her heart to the code, someone who can't keep their hands of front or backend intricacies and who has an intimate relationship with bugs. You will be responsible for development and scaling of our application's backend, to solve problems and build, extend, optimize and refactor the back-end architecture.

Front End Engineer

We are seeking a Front End Engineer, who makes a sport of disrupting the status quo, to build the next phase of this revolution. Ideal candidates can give wings to even the most creative designs, drawing from previous real-world work experience, and are passionate about building immersive user experiences on the web stack.

If writing awesome code and creating a promising product excites you, we would like to talk to you!